NOTE! HACK’N’BLOG WEBSITE, XHTML/stylesheet/images/PHP(providing browser specific HTML[1] and MySQL database WordPress blogging software [wordpress.com] used to store blog entries, articles, user accounts, comments, downloads, etc… They are all now on possibly broke, but hopefully still readable hard-disk. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet – the server went in electrical catastrophe, but the server boots & starts to read HD so I’m thinking the stuff is safe.

I will get my site back up, even if it means re-creating posts (and comments) from the last snapshot at archive.org waybackmachine – that won’t restore user accounts and several other stuff though, but hopefully we don’t need to go there. Please be patient and check now and then.

  1. [1] AND CSS[Like incompatible CSS code hack w/scripting for <=IE6 & PNG opacity,EcmaScript,Image[ie. transparent .gif for browsers which have no way for .png’s with|without opacity]. The blog theme was highly optimized to support any browsers, degrading gracefully, like recognizing text-mode (=console/terminal) browsers like w3m, Lynx, Links 1&2 and forks (ie. Links Hacked), eLinks [2]

    For example, when detecting the browser as text-mode, unless it’s Lynx, it will use tables instead of CSS definitions to place the sidebar menus on sides of page and the content in the middle column – the old way. For IE5/6 a special ie.css.php file will be included from style.css.php (with PHP used to identify client so the regular CSS will pass the w3c CSS test) where script file combined with illegal CSS is used to make opacity of PNG’s work, etc.

  2. [2]IMHO, Elinks is The text-mode browser, the only reason I sometimes use Links2 instead is it’s support for X/framebuffer/svglalib for graphics –
    However, Lynx!? What’s the deal with it? Unless Lynx is your only option, I don’t see why use it.
    Why Lynx gets all the fame? I almost newer see eLinks mentioned when TUI browsers are mentioned in blog/article, but it always starts with Lynx, then it possibly has mention of Links or/and w3m. It’s like creating a list of modern GUI browsers, starting with Internet Explorer 5.5 (for fairness, Lynx at least works, it’s just way outdated. Unless you wan’t to browse gopher servers, Lynx is NOT a browser one would for text-mode browsing when ALL others support such newfangled stuff as tables, frames, file extension and mime-type based applications to open files in (ie. aview or cacaview to view image in ascii (aalib) and with color (cacalib). With eLinks you also get limited javascript and css support, colors defined by html tags/css rules, 256 colors with xterm,rxvt and many others supporting xterm 256 color mode, even full-color (24-bit) if using Konsole as terminal (I plan to add this support to minimal xterm-compatible st terminal.

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